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Jeeeyul’s Eclipse Themes 2.1.0 is released.

2014/03/14 5 comments

I am very glad to announce new Jeeeyul’s Eclipse Themes 2.1.0. Every single details are refined.

  • Now you can customize complex gradient colors easily.
  • You can customize chevron color , close button.
  • You can customize tab items for “Selected”, “Unselected” and “Hovered” states.
  • Various Layout Settings can be customized.
  • Editor Stack and Empty Editor Stack can be customized.

Visit and get details.




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Jeeeyul’s Eclipse Themes – Chrome supports Juno SR1

2012/10/09 1 comment

I created an alternative theme for Eclipse Juno 3 months ago, Now it supports Juno SR1 fully.

  • You can customize very many things in lightweight.
  • Inelegant drag handle for perspective switcher is removed.
  • Much more harmonious drag handles with your configuration.
  • Space next to Quick Access has integrated under line.
  • See more from project page on github.

This update also contains enhancement for Linux:

  • Inelegant image stretching for drag handle was removed.

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Use E4 DI on Legacy ViewPart

What if you are developing Eclipse IDE plugin, You should have to use old extension points to contribute View or Editor even it’s target platform is Juno.

In this case, You may want to use DI(Dependency Injection Feature of E4) on your contribution.

You can get IEclipseContext through IServiceLocator, and you can inject dependencies with ContextInjectctionFactory:

public class AddonView extends ViewPart {
   private MApplication application;

   public void init(IViewSite site) throws PartInitException {

      IEclipseContext context = (IEclipseContext) site.getService(IEclipseContext.class);
      ContextInjectionFactory.inject(this, context);
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