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Jeeeyul’s Eclipse Themes 2.1.0 is released.

2014/03/14 5 comments

I am very glad to announce new Jeeeyul’s Eclipse Themes 2.1.0. Every single details are refined.

  • Now you can customize complex gradient colors easily.
  • You can customize chevron color , close button.
  • You can customize tab items for “Selected”, “Unselected” and “Hovered” states.
  • Various Layout Settings can be customized.
  • Editor Stack and Empty Editor Stack can be customized.

Visit and get details.




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Make your IDE more Awesome with PDE-Tools

2012/10/16 12 comments

이 문서는 한국어 버전이 제공됩니다.

I developed commercial Eclipse plugins for 5 years. With this experiences, I made a tools which helps Eclipse Plugin Developers for me and my team.

And I call it “PDE-Tools“, And I love to share this tool to you.

Let me introduce features:

Clipboard History

You don’t have to waste time anymore to just keep current clipboard contents. (Many people doing this)

Just press Control + Shift + V instead of Control + V, then you can paste contents from history of Clipboard.

It supports RTF contents, and It also provides view which supports DND. You can customize various options(sort order, acceptance style).

Icon Preview

It’s pretty insightful function. It just allows to you see icons with your favorite navigator. It’s fast and light-weight, content change sensitive.

Shared Image Generator

This is my favorite feature of PDE-Tools. It generates SharedImages class with given monitored folder. It also supports structural palette according to sub folders.

  1. Select a plugin project, and press right mouse button.
  2. Select “Configure > Enable Shared Image Generator”
  3. That’s all

It also generates icon preview in Java doc, and it also supports Graphiti Image Provider, Re-factoring.

Bundle Image Navigator

Bundle Image View lets you can re-use eclipse image resources. Just drag them into your project.

Wokspace Launcher

This feature is very useful to OSX users. It adds “Launch Workspace” menu below “Switch Workspace”. So you can easily launch another workspace without quitting current one.

Crazy Outline

This cute crazy view provides insightful way to navigate source code.

Snapshot tool (WIP)

You can find small camera on toolbar, It allows you to capture part or toolbar easily. With Ctrl(or command) key, you can capture entire shell with Shadow.

It is very useful when you write some manual about your plugins. It also supports cute camera flash animation and shutter sound 🙂


  1. open market place client (press Ctrl + 3, and type marketplace)
  2. type “Jeeeyul” into search field.
  3. press “install” button next to “PDE-tools”


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Jeeeyul’s Eclipse Themes – Chrome supports Juno SR1

2012/10/09 1 comment

I created an alternative theme for Eclipse Juno 3 months ago, Now it supports Juno SR1 fully.

  • You can customize very many things in lightweight.
  • Inelegant drag handle for perspective switcher is removed.
  • Much more harmonious drag handles with your configuration.
  • Space next to Quick Access has integrated under line.
  • See more from project page on github.

This update also contains enhancement for Linux:

  • Inelegant image stretching for drag handle was removed.

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Crazy Outline

Sublime Text 2 provides pretty unique outline. I want to use outline feature at my workplace. So I added this function to PDE-Tools.

Original outline is great also, But I don’t use that because I prefer to use quick outline(Ctrl + O) instead. This Crazy Outline feature of PDE-Tools let us easily navigate structural text in very insightful way.

Any suggestions and ideas are welcome.

PDE-Tools is provided under the EPL license, and you can fork this on PDE-Tools. It contains several other features which helps plugin developers.

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